Our Work in Guyana

     Since 1999 this congregation has been involved in preaching and teaching God’s Word in the South American country of Guyana. Those first trips were adventurous to say the least and God blessed the work with very good results. At present our work is centered in two areas, Canje, which is just outside New Amsterdam and Bartica which is a point of entry for the interior at the confluence of the Essequibo, Mazaruni and Cuyuni Rivers. We have recently done extensive repairs to the Canje building and of course, a few years back built a fine building in Bartica. Michael and Jennifer Osborne work with Bartica and Tony Kissoon works with Canje. Michael has been with Bartica from the time the congregation was reestablished. Many of you have been there and seen the progress the church and the country has made over the years.

     The work we do would not be possible without our friend Sunil Joseph. He and Samatha mean so much to us and many others who do the Lord’s work in Guyana. Samatha was full of life, knowledge and zeal for the Lord. We lost her to cancer but she will still be with us in memory as we go about our work there.

There is still work to do. We have our summer VBS and meeting at Bartica coming up. On Tuesday, January 30, Mitch and Camilla Fuller, Ginger and I will go to Guyana to do some work primarily with the Canje church.

     We want to visit and encourage everyone and I will preach in a weekend meeting for them. We will make a quick trip over to Bartica to see Michael and the people there and plan for the work.
We want to continue to encourage the Christians of Bartica and Canje. If this work interests you as a member here contact Brent Peek who is our missions deacon. Brent knows the people and the church there very well and can help you think about your personal involvement. The blessings and benefits of doing this kind of work are tremendous.

Personal involvement is not possible for everyone due to many factors. But we are thankful that the entire congregation is indeed fully involved as you support the work with your prayers and make it possible financially. We have always had a substantial portion of our budget dedicated to missions and will continue to do so (Matthew 28:18-20).

    Lastly, please keep our small team in your prayers this week. We plan to be back home late Monday night February 5, Lord willing.