Wanting What Can Never Be

     A civil society cannot function based on principles that cannot be true. If a culture is to exist it has to have within it the means to allow that existence. Fundamental among those means is that it be founded in reality and not fantasy. The problems we face in this life would diminish if more of us would embrace certain realities.

     The first such reality is that there is no rational explanation for the physical world other than God. Mankind has attempted to explain away reliance on the idea of God but if we are honest we admit the impossibility of a naturalistic explanation for our own selves and the real world we inhabit. To say that it just happened to happen is no answer at all. Of course, if this world did just happen to happen it is only an accident. But it does seem to be a very well ordered accident, does it not? We remember the idea encapsulated in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” People who want a world not created by God want what can never be.

     Then there is the reality of human beings. People who want what can never be want human beings to be, like their version of the cosmos, the result of a remarkable accident. We have various theories to explain away Genesis 1:27 and the idea that we are God’s creation. None of them are adequate explanations of the physical and intellectual complexity of the human person.

     But the multitudes who want what can never be say that they believe in science and science shows that we are the result of many, actually an ever expanding number of, years of evolution. Some even say that God had His hand in that and used evolution to make us the way we are. I suppose He could have done, but where is the evidence that He did? Well, the evidence for evolution as creative power, theistic or otherwise, is not forthcoming for the simple reason that according to the scientific method hypotheses and then theories have to be proven by experimentation. One cannot experiment yesterday much less in the dark reaches of the past where those who want what cannot be see us having our beginning.

     Another fundamental reality that is often missed by those who want what can never be has to do with motivation of the way we behave. The popular notion today says we should be nice to each other because it is the right thing to do. But then someone will ask this question: “Right according to what?” One thing that those wanting what can never be most assuredly do not want is anyone telling them what they ought to be doing. What they do not want is a sense of “ought.” In modernity there is no sense of ought, because a sense of ought implies a standard that demands adherence. And one thing most assuredly rejected these days is an objective standard of right and wrong. If it is mentioned that Jesus spoke of such a thing (and He did in John 8:32) the contention is raised (with no awareness of self-contradiction) that He was simply, wrong.

     And so those who want what can never be agonize over the sad state of human behavior. Violence and hatred are everywhere and the world says that it does not want these violent events and hateful attitudes. But when God is mentioned as the solution (and He is the only solution) He is rejected because those who want what can never be want a good world without The Good God. God gave us what we need in the Gospel of Christ. Look back in that Old Book to Matthew 7:12 for the solution to the ills of modernity.

     So what is going on? Well, sadly it is not at all complicated. Those who want what can never be want what they want without paying any sort of price or modifying their lives in any way. People want a nice world but do not want to be nice. People want to live lovely lives without understanding that we must answer to God. Man may not want God but He will always be. And one day every knee will bow (Philippians 2:10).