Do You Have A Plan?

     A long time ago I bought my first Day-Timer. A friend of mine in LaGrange used one and I had been looking for a way to keep up with my schedule as well as a record of my activities. Over the years it has been a faithful companion and the record keeping has been a big help on a number of occasions. Of course, I have to remember to write it down and I’m still capable of momentary brain failure, but overall that device helps to keep me on track.

     These days there are probably more people using an electronic means of tracking their activities. I don’t think it matters what method a busy person uses as long as they use something. I suppose some folks can keep it all “in their head” but I found long ago I’m not one of them. The main thing is to have a plan for your work and then work your plan. This is particularly important for people who work independently and are responsible for their day’s activities. Preachers fall into this category. Preachers need to be able to be able to look forward to see what they need to be doing and look back to see what has been accomplished. I think that having some kind of written record of work is essential for anyone in preaching and ministry. A man must have a plan.

     If you think about it, having a plan is really essential for everybody, particularly when spiritual matters are under consideration. Too often we organize our working lives and leave our spiritual life to take care of itself. This is not good.

     We need to have a spiritual plan for our lives. A good place to begin is the idea of priority. What comes first? In Matthew 6:19-34 we have the Lord’s great discourse on the relationship God’s people should have with the material world. The summation of His lesson is Matthew 6:33: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Every Bible student knows this verse and we know that this expression of priority places our relationship with God in front of all others.

     How should this priority manifest itself in our daily plan? Jesus provided some great guidelines. He never expects us to sit still and do nothing with our lives, but He does tell us to make sure that we don’t make money the central issue of life (Matthew 6:19-21). We cannot serve God and riches (Matthew 6:24). We will be blessed if our real treasure is in knowing and loving God, loving family and having good friends. It’s always better to have enough money than not enough, but living a life characterized by love for people and God is the best. We know that’s a good plan.

     His plan for us has a great deal to do with what’s inside us. In Matthew 6:22-23 He spoke of the lamp of the body being the eye. If the eye is bad darkness and trouble fill the body. In this passage the Master Teacher used a rhetorical device that everyone could understand. The spiritual content of a human being gets inside a person through the senses, the most potent of which is that of sight. We think about the things we see. If we want our spiritual existence to be light and not darkness we need to exercise control over the gateway of the eye. We need to decide the center of our concentration in this life. That takes planning.

     In Matthew 6:25-32 the Lord spoke about worry. Just about everybody worries some, but some folks seem to plan their day around their worries. That’s not good planning. Indeed, in God’s way of thinking (which is always right) worry is offset by faith. Jesus asked this question: “Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?” We know that the answer is ‘No one.” Thus the Lord is making the point that worrying about the things of this life is a waste of time. It simply does no good. So how much time should we plan to devote to worry?

     Yes, we all need a good plan. When we consider the Word of God the plan is for us to do our best with the blessings we’ve been given while all the time putting God and His principles first. Sounds like a plan.