Guyana Summer 2017

     Our Guyana Summer 2017 VBS and Gospel Meeting “finish” (as they say down there) with the safe arrival of our fine group Saturday night at the Huntsville Airport. Working on the campaign this year were Perry and Gina Martin along with their children Laura and Jacob, Brian Williams, Andrew and Ashley Sims along with Andrew’s mother Suzanne, John Colgan (known there as the “scientist”), and our only new person this year, Hollie Guthrie. We appreciate these folks using their time, energy and resources to make this year’s trip such a success. They did great!

     If you have signed up for the announcement group (check with the aforementioned scientist if you have not) you received daily reports concerning the trip. Here are the numbers from John’s reports: Total VBS attendance was 457 children, plus our workers (our team plus Sunil, Stephanie and Stephen Joseph) and a good number of ladies helping from the Bartica church. The average number of children each day was about 114 with a high number on the last day of 129. I can assure you that the church property was a very busy place all week!

     As is our practice a gospel meeting began Sunday and went through Thursday night with our men doing the preaching. I received a note from Michael Osborne, the preacher for Bartica about the team and the work they did. He spoke of the excellent job with the children and the well prepared and delivered lessons at night.

     We always remember that though ten of went down to Guyana, we were really all there! The Lord used the entire congregation to make this good work continue and thrive. Lord willing, Perry and John will give us a report Sunday night, August 6.