The Work in Guyana

     Early on Monday morning, March 6, Mitch and Camilla Fuller and Ginger and I will leave for a short trip to the South American country of Guyana. As most of you know, we try to take this trip each year to check on our work there and make plans with the brethren for the summer campaign in Bartica. We have found over the years since the addition of the bridge over the Berbice River that we can accomplish what needs to be done by moving quickly from one place to the next without a lot of down time.

     The plan is to arrive Monday night and stay with brother Sunil Joseph and his kids in their home in the Georgetown area. Tuesday we will drive to Canje and visit with Tony Kissoon and the Christians there. Tony Anderson made a generous contribution to our mission effort which allowed us to do quite a bit of work on the facilities there. This trip will give us the first opportunity to see how everything looks in person.

     We plan to visit with the folks in Canje before coming back to Georgetown for the night.
We plan to travel Wednesday morning over to Bartica and visit with Michael and Jennifer Osborne and the church there. You may remember that the Bartica congregation has a fine building which was begun from a contribution by Red and Rita Bennett. That church continues to do well. Bartica itself has changed over the years but the church continues to be a light of truth there.

    On Thursday we will return to Georgetown with plans to start the flight home early (!) Friday morning. Please pray for those of us who are going and for the work in Guyana.