The Plague of the Unformed Person

     When we see or read the word “plague” we think of the diseases that devastated Europe from the 6th to the 19th centuries. People who study such things estimate that the element of the plague known as the “Black Death” may have reduced the world’s population by as many as 100 million people. We pray that such a thing never happens again. But the one thing we know about the future is that we do not know it.

     Such an outbreak of disease is a horrible possibility. But there is a plague at work in humanity right now. It is the plague of the unformed person. People are getting better physically almost everywhere on Earth and material prosperity continues to spread, more slowly than we’d like, but to the far corners of this planet. Our prosperity is coupled with a plague, spread not by Yesinia Pestis (responsible for the Black Death) but by the calamity of sin.

     We are all about making sure that we have everything we need but we forget to look within to see if we are everything we ought to be. Jesus spoke of the pure in heart being blessed (Matthew 5:8). He did not speak of a blood pump free of blockages. The Lord spoke instead of that spiritual part of us He called the “heart.” The heart is our will, our emotions and our intellect. The hard heart cannot understand (Matthew 13:15). A hard and dull heart leaves the person unformed. The unformed person is a plague unto himself, his people and his society.

     Paul warned us about being conformed to this world and encouraged us to be transformed by God (Romans 12:1-2). Conformity to the world’s lack of objective moral and ethical standards is the presenting symptom of our spiritual plague. These days we embrace the objective everywhere but where it is eternally important: in our relationship with God.

     Examples are all around. Isaiah said evil was called good and good was called evil (5:20). So the killing of an unborn child is called reproductive rights. Divorce is twisted into happiness. Sleeping around is expressing one’s sexuality. Some say, well, “So what?” Well, here is what: lives are destroyed. People fall into manifest sadness and despair and then medicate themselves with whatever drug they can find. If that is not bad enough, Hell waits just around the corner.

     But there is cure for this plague and He is Jesus Christ (John 14:6). He died to save us from the plague of sin. He lives to make us whole, complete and fully formed persons (Romans 5:6-11). And thank God for that!