"Until The Moon Is No More"

     Without doubt I’d say that you have noticed the “supermoon” as it had a peak evening this week. This sort of thing is fascinating because of the science for sure, but even more so because it is substantial testimony of the truth that the physical world is the product of design. God Himself is the only logical candidate for “Designer in Chief” as He spoke this world into existence with immeasurable power and sublime perfection.

     The moon’s orbit is elliptical which is why it is sometimes closer than the average distance between us and it of about 239,000 miles. Though I haven’t done the measuring myself (Ha!) most sources have it somewhere around 20,000 miles closer to us during this supermoon. Ginger and I were on the road Monday night and saw that moon in all its glory. It was beautiful even with the haze from the forest fires tinting the night sky.

     That moon caused me to look at Psalm 72 which has in it this line as David prayed for the coming King Messiah: “In His days the righteous shall flourish, and abundance of peace, until the moon is no more” (Psalm 72:7 NKJV). The old translation has “so long as the moon endureth.” Careful reading of this Psalm shows it to be Messianic with references to the spiritual work of Christ as Messiah and King.

     It is obvious that the king David refers to is not Solomon but the coming Christ. Solomon did some good things but he also did some very bad things. Indeed the wise preacher king was in many ways responsible for the dissolution of the United Kingdom of Israel. Psalm 72 is a spiritual description of what the King (with a capital K) would do.

     The Psalm indicates that this King would judge the people with righteousness and justice. Even the most well-intentioned earthly rulers fall short here. The Messiah’s judgments will bring peace via righteousness (verse 3). True peace can only come out of justice. The Lord’s righteousness is the same for the rich and for the poor; for those on the mountains or down in the hills. He is always even-handed, offering His salvation to everyone.

     Thus that supermoon reminded me that a person cannot be bad enough to keep God from loving him and offering him salvation. God’s righteousness falls like rain and the rain, when it falls, falls on everyone and everything. We might let the moon remind us none of us are righteous in and of ourselves. We don’t have a cell in our bodies that is untainted by sin (Romans 3:23). That moon can remind us that without Christ not a single one of us has any hope. “And you, being dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses” (Colossians 2:13 KJV).

     That supermoon reminded me that the Messiah’s dominion is unlimited (Psalm 72:8-17). We sometimes hear people take the position that what this world needs is one government for the entire planet, sort of a Star Trek style fantasy. I’m not sure humanity is capable of the humility such a thing would require but I know such a thing is not about to happen. But in Christ it has happened. David looked forward to the time of establishment of the Body of Christ, the church. Every Christian looks to a King with infinitely greater rank than any earthly king, president or prime minister. The Psalm introduces categories like rich, poor, kings and subjects, the West and the South and the like. The dominion of Christ goes beyond and will continue not only until the moon is no more but also as long as the sun does shine (72:17).

     David prayed about the coming Christ. One day the moon and sun will be spoken out of existence. Then truly every knee will bow before our Lord. Let’s look up to God’s sky and let the moon, the stars and the sun remind us that we are blessed to live in the time of Christ and His church.