Yendi Notes- 31st October 2016


31st October 2016

Yendi Notes

Kandie and I were up out of the bed before 4am this morning getting the
house closed up to leave by 5am as we start our drive toward Accra to fly
home Wednesday evening. Perry and Rusty were up soon after. Jack was slow
to come out of his room even after I knocked on his door at 4:30 am but we
managed to leave at 5am as planned.

The trip was uneventful until we stopped midway after droving off the
beaten path 19 miles to visit the monkey sanctuary that is east the town of
Techiman. There are two types of monkeys there. It was great to see the
monkeys and feed them. All the signs say not to feed but then the guide
asked us if we wanted to purchase some peanuts for the monkeys. A lady
with a head pan of peanuts and bananas followed us around as we watched the
monkeys hoping we would buy from her. We didn’t intend to buy any but after
I saw the monkeys loving the bananas I bought most of her fruit so the four
of us (Jack stayed behind with Red) could feed them. Even monkey mothers
with baby’s came to us to get a banana. I was surprised when one monkey
jumped up on my shoulder to grab a banana out of my hand. When it happened
I froze but then all of us noticed they wouldn’t harm us so we would hand
or toss a piece of banana to each animal and most times they caught it and
immediately woofed it down.

After leaving the monkey sanctuary we arrived in Kumasi at 3pm. We got into
a traffic jam close to the cultural center where we were heading at the
time so Kandie jumped out of the van with Perry, Rusty and Jack and started
walking to the cultural center. I rode in the van with Red. It took Red an
hour to get over to the cultural center due to all the traffic so most of
the shopping was finished. At 5pm we pulled into the hotel where we will
sleep tonight.

All of us were hungry for supper. The hotel has a good Chinese/Indian
restaurant so we enjoyed out meal.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday today. Take care.

In His service,

Steve, Kandie, Jack, Rusty, and Perry