Yendi Notes- 29th October 2016


29th October 2016

Yendi Notes

The Yendi Notes are coming from the courtesy of Jack Reynolds

We woke up this morning to a delicious traditional Ghanaian breakfast of
Quaker oatmeal and toast. It has long been said among the Ghanaians for
centuries that Quaker oatmeal and toast will give you the strength of a
lion, the wisdom of an owl, and the patience of a crocodile. Well, anyway
that is what they should be saying about oatmeal; it is my favorite

I went outside to greet the day man Nazo, who takes it upon himself every
day to sweep the dirt outside in the compound. Nazo appeared to have a
lost look in his eye as he was entranced in the methodic motion and rhythm
of the broom; he seemed to be contemplating what the day had to hold for

Today was the last day of the seminar. I gave the invitational morning
devotional which consisted of the five steps to salvation. After the
devotional we started distributing these podiums that Red had been making
for us at his shop. This was not a difficult task because Ghanaians are so
helpful and easy to work with. We spent the rest day bringing back all the
materials that were taken from the mission house and were used for the

We have found a shortcut to Kulkpeni, this was very helpful not only
because of all the errands we had to run today, but because there was
another political motorcycle rally in town. The political party that was
conducting this rally, were so irritating because the number of
motorcyclist on the road made driving through Yendi more dangerous than
usual. I asked Nazo why they do these crazy rallies. He said he does not
like them either but the party supporters like them.

The afternoon was slow, as we were all exhausted from that seminar. I
think a few started to pack, but Aunt Kandie helped me packed a couple days
ago so I spent the afternoon riding around on the motorcycle.

Tomorrow we will split up and preach in Kpamang and Kulikpanga. There is a
new church in Kulikpanga, it only consists of 4 or 5 people; it will be
interesting to see how they are doing. One lady was baptized last week.

This has been a great trip and I have learned a lot, and as we start to
bring this trip to a close I have taken it upon myself to write this ode to

*Ode to Ghana*

Ghana is Great

Ghana is Good

Thank you Aunt Kandie for your food

Thanks to every one of you that support this work and keep the Ghana
churches in your prayers.

In Christian love,

Steve, Kandie, Jack, Rusty, and Perry