Yendi Notes- 28th October 2016


28th October 2016

Yendi Notes

The Yendi notes today are coming courtesy of Rusty Johnson.

Today was the start of day 2 of the seminar. Before breakfast we heard
that some other people showed up during the night which has pushed the
number to 390. What’s even more impressive is there are 35 different
congregations represented. They all seem to be having a marvelous time
together. We were also saddened to hear that one of the members was bitten
by a snake on his journey home last night. If I understood it correct this
gentlemen and his friend were on a motorcycle returning to their home
village that is not too far away. They stopped and when he stepped off the
motorcycle he stepped on the snake and it bit him. Timothy said it was one
of the black snakes which was good even though it was poisonous. I guess
it’s all relative, but in my book using the word good in the same sentence
with snake bite just doesn’t make sense to me. They did take the gentleman
to the hospital where he was given anti-venom and would be release once
they made sure he didn’t have a reaction to the anti-venom. Life is hard
over here for these people and we need to continue praying for them.

Perry had the morning session and his assigned topic was marriage, divorce,
and polygamy. Once he opened it up for questions the flood gates opened.
They actually asked some good questions, but in the end it’s the same
question over and over again with a slightly different twist. The answer
is always the same. I was disappointed that Perry didn’t get any
questions about a wife that is a “proper thief”. I did tell Perry he is
now fully Ghana certified after that very long Q&A session.

After lunch we headed back out for the afternoon session. My topic was on
Church Autonomy. I had several good questions but one I thought was
particularly interesting. They wanted to know how to handle some difficult
problems if they were all independent and autonomous. I attempted to
explain the difference between working together and supporting each other
vs. combining in some organization. I think I got the question answered.
I do know, after standing up there answering questions for more than an
hour, it motivates you to study more. It’s amazing how much these people
know their Bibles considering a large number of them are illiterate.

At the end of the session Steve got up and asked the crowd what they
thought about the three podiums we were using. They all agreed they were
nice. Then Steve told them that due to generous donations from various
supporters that he had one for each congregation. They were all so excited
to hear that. It was touching actually. How many of us would be excited
that we were getting a new podium for our church building?

At supper tonight we asked Kandie what the plan was for distributing the
podiums. She has a plan and we all know our assignments. Of course Perry
and I kidded her a little bit when we told her that all good plans get
thrown away at first contact with the enemy. I’m sure it will all get
worked out tomorrow though.

It’s hard to believe we have already been here for two weeks. We will
finish up the seminar tomorrow, and then visit a few churches on Sunday
before we start our journey home on Monday.

Thanks to every one of you that support this work and keep the Ghana
churches in your prayers.

In Christian Love

Steve, Kandie, Jack, Rusty & Perry