Yendi Notes- 27th October 2016


27th October 2016

Yendi Notes

The Yendi notes today are coming courtesy of Perry Martin.

Today was the start of the Seminar at Kulkpeni. We started the day with a
breakfast of oatmeal and toast.

We left for Kulkpeni at around 8:30. We took the truck and van so that we
could pick-up some brethren that had traveled from the surrounding area and
needed a ride from Yendi to Kulkpeni. We had both vehicles more than fully
loaded with people. I am glad we didn’t get stopped along the way.

Once we arrived everyone got registered so that there is a record of who
attended and what congregation they represented. After some announcements,
singing and prayers; Steve introduced Rusty and I as the keynote speakers
and Jack as the devotional speaker. Rusty presented his lesson on
“Denominations” followed by a questions and answer period. The Ghanaians
had some good questions which showed that they are engaged, enthusiastic
and thirsty for the truth.

While Rusty was teaching; Jack and I made several runs back to Yendi to
pick-up other attendees as they arrived. We put a lot of miles on the
vehicles the last few days.

After Rusty’s lesson, it was time for the seminar attendees to have their
lunch. We returned to the house to have our lunch and to relax for a
little while before we returned for the afternoon session.

Steve, Rusty and I returned to the seminar since I was scheduled to speak
on “Men and Women Roles in the Church”. Kandie and Jack took the van so
that they could stop by the bakers to pick-up 180 loaves of bread for the

My lesson went well and again we had a period for questions and answers.
Many times the questions were not directly related to the lesson. That is
ok, since we are here to help them with their question plus it gives you
insight into what is on their mind that concerns them.

We finished up around 6:30PM and headed to the house. The Seminar
attendees were going to have their evening meals. Kandie and Steve are in
the kitchen putting something together for our meal while I am typing these

There were about 335 attendees, this did not include all of the smaller
children, and 32 of 36 congregations represented. There is an expectation
that more people will show up tomorrow.

Thanks to every one of you that support this work and keep the Ghana
churches in your prayers.

In Christian Love

Steve, Kandie, Jack, Rusty & Perry