Yendi Notes- 25th October 2016


25th October 2016

Yendi Notes

The Yendi notes today are coming courtesy of Perry Martin.

This morning started with a breakfast of boiled eggs and hash browns.
Kandie always has food appearing at the right time for meals.

After breakfast we all separated to “divide and conquer” the days tasks.
Steve called the mechanic to come to house to repair the motor king that
broke down last night and we had to tow home. Jack and I stayed with the
mechanic to assist which usually meant we had to get a tool or something
else needed to support the repair.

Rusty stayed in the house and folded the programs for the seminar. Kandie
had Meri and Amama cleaning the guinea corn while she was making some soap
paste to put on the bottom of the pots to be used over open fires. Putting
the soap on the bottoms helps with cleaning the soot off the bottom after.
Steve was busy with the CDC and a bunch of other tasks that I couldn’t keep
up with.

After the motor king got repaired - Rusty, Jack and I took the truck and
the motor king to pick up 5 finished podiums and take them to Kulkpeni.
Three of the podiums will be used for the seminar and then given to a
congregation. When we arrived at the Kulkpeni church it was a bee hive of
activity. There were many of the brothers and sisters cleaning, painting,
clearing bush and other work needed in preparation for the seminar. It was
encouraging to see them working so hard and it was obvious that they were
getting excited about the upcoming seminar.

Upon our return from Kulkpeni it was time for lunch and “guess what”;
Kandie had it ready. We had “melted cheese” sandwiches with pepperoni in
them along with some deep fried yams.

After lunch, we went to pay our respects to the Regent of Dagbon. We met
at his palace. When we arrived we waited in a room in which the King’s
horse was tied up, eating some grass. We were brought in to see the Regent
where Steve introduced Rusty, Jack and I. The Regent was quite engaging
and told us about all the plans for Yendi’s growth in the future. As we
were leaving, the Regent presented us with 6 guinea fowls (live of course)
and a large basket of yams. For Ghana this is a very generous gift that
equates to a couple of weeks of wages for the average person. Steve and
Kandie distributed this bounty amongst the CDC labor.

We picked up Kandie and headed back out to Kulkpeni to take some supplies
and to do some more preparation. Timothy and the other brethren were still
there working!

We returned to the house and before you know it Kandie had supper ready, a
delicious meal of beef with gravy and rice.

Well tomorrow is another early start. We have to go get the pigs for the
seminar and take them to Kulkpeni.

Thanks to every one of you that support this work and keep the Ghana
churches in your prayers.

In Christian Love

Steve, Kandie, Jack, Rusty & Perry