Yendi Notes- 24th October 2016


24th October 2016

Yendi Notes

The Yendi notes today are coming courtesy of Rusty Johnson.

By Ghana standards today was pretty uneventful. After breakfast Perry and
I started working on a project of cutting the seam on one side of a plastic
bag. These bags are rectangle with one opening on the short end. We had
to rip one of the long side seams so that two sides were open. The ladies
at the seminar will use the bags to put all of the participants’ meals.
They have bowls they will set the bag in, pour some food in it, and I guess
they have some way to tie them. They will use these bags at each meal so
there were several thousands of them. After a few minutes we got the
process down and started cutting, and cutting, and cutting and cutting. We
did discover that turning the overhead fan off help because it was blowing
the bags. After 3 hours we finally finished the task. We both agreed that
if Kandie showed up with more bags we were going to volunteer to go out to
Kulkpeni and help dig the hole for the new out house.

Jack and Steve manned the clinic this morning while Kandie loaded up
supplies that needed to be carried out to the seminar site at Kulkpeni. We
couldn’t take them out there until 3:00pm so that gave Perry and me time to
work on our lessons after lunch.

A little before three we headed out with the supplies. Jack was on the
Motor King and we were in the green truck. We unloaded the supplies and
then headed to the next village that sells firewood. Kandie bargained with
the lady that was selling and got a good deal on enough firewood for the
ladies to cook with at the seminar. We filled the Motor King up and sent
Jack on his way back to Kulkpeni. We then proceeded to load the truck
with the remaining wood and headed out. When we got to Kulkpeni, Jack had
already unloaded his wood and was headed back to the mission house. As we
were finishing up Jack called and said the Motor King had broken down not
far from the Mission House. We headed that direction and found him and
towed him home.

The locals love seeing Jack on the Motor King. For those that have never
seen one it is basically a three wheeled motorcycle with the back being a
truck bed. The bed can also tilt like a dump truck. It’s really a cool
vehicle. They just wave at him and laugh. I guess seeing a white guy on a
vehicle that is made for work is funny to them. When we were towing Jack
back they really got a good laugh.

Tomorrow will be filled with more preparation for the Seminar. It’s hard
to believe by this time next week we will start our journey home.

In Christian Love

Steve, Kandie, Jack, Rusty & Perry