Yendi Notes- 22nd October 2016


22nd October 2016

Yendi Notes

Today’s Yendi Notes are written by Rusty Johnson and edited by Perry Martin

Today was a very busy day. After breakfast we headed to the market for
securing supplies for the seminar. I’m not exactly sure what all we bought
but I do know it was almost more than the green truck can hold. I know we
bought close to 1,000 lbs of rice, 5 very large containers of peanut oil.
(I’m guessing each container was at least 5 gallons), a huge bag of onions,
several cases of tomatoes, and lots of other stuff. It’s an amazing thing
to witness when Kandie shifts into full shopping mode in the market. She
was buying stuff and Steve, Jack and Perry were carrying it to the truck.
I stood guard over the truck during the process.

When we finally got back to the mission house for lunch, there was a mother
and another young girl and both of them had what appeared to be new born
babies. It turns out they were twins. The mother wasn’t eating or
drinking anything because she said her teeth hurt too bad. They wanted
Steve to give them formula for the babies but Steve can’t because they
didn’t have any prescription. Both Steve and Kandie gave the mother a
very stern lecture (through an interpreter) and told the mother in no
uncertain terms she had to eat and drink. It really rips your heart out
when you see what these people endure and then think about all the many
ways we are blessed in the U.S.

After lunch Perry, Jack and I headed out to Kulkpeni to deliver the
supplies. The truck was so overloaded we moved some of the supplies to the
motor king and Jack drove it while we went in the truck. After unloading
the supplies we then stopped back in town to pick up metal podiums that are
being made for each of the churches. We were able to put 3 on the motor
king and 2 on the truck. We ended up making another trip to get 5 more.

Tomorrow morning we are headed to Kaplani where Nana Bekum is the
evangelist. We are expecting 6 congregations to meet us there. Kandie
said wheels are rolling at 6:00am. We are taking 6 of the metal podiums
with us. We have them tied to the top of the old van. It was quite the
operation getting them up on the van and then secured. We measured and
the height of the van and the cargo on top is slightly over 11 feet. We
will blend in very nicely with the other vehicles on the road.

In Christian Love

Steve, Kandie, Jack, Rusty and Perry.