Yendi Notes- 21st October 2016


21st October 2016

Yendi Notes

Today’s Yendi notes are provided by Rusty Johnson and cover Thursday and

We took a little time off before all the chaos of the upcoming seminar. We
headed out bright and early on Thursday morning for Mole. Mole is Ghana’s
large game preserve. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly we got there
now that the road is completely paved to Mole. There were several other
changes, like electricity 24/7 and air conditioning in the rooms. We
arrived in time for lunch and then took the afternoon safari. In times
past you hired a guide and he took you on a walk to see the wildlife. Now
they have these four wheeled drive vehicles and that they have attached
seats to the top. It’s actually pretty cool, and you can go deeper into
the park.

Because this is the end of the wet season the animals don’t have to come up
to the big watering hole near the lodge. We did manage to find two
elephants on the ride deeper in the park. One was massive and we had to
get off the jeep and walk down to where he was. It’s pretty impressive to
see God’s handiwork up close. We also saw wart hogs, antelopes, lizards
(one very large) and a wide assortment of birds.

We had supper at the lodge and then we all turned in for a much needed
nights rest. This morning (Friday) we left Mole and headed to Tamale
where we met one of the evangelist named Divine. Divine goes to Tamale
every other weekend and is studying to become a school teacher. Divine was
instrumental in getting a school to his village and now is preparing
himself to be a teacher. He is very dedicated.

As we made it to Yendi it started raining pretty hard, and figured the
evening Bible study would be cancelled due to the rain. They don’t get out
if it is raining. Fortunately the rain stopped pretty quickly and Timothy
said the class was still on. We jumped in the pickup and headed out.
There are only four seats in the pick-up so Jack and I ride on a bench in
the back. Although there is a bug problem at night, it’s a pretty amazing

When we got to the village we greeted the chief, and then proceeded to
start the Bible which was right outside the chief’s door. The entire
village showed up. Kandie counted 279 people. Perry had a great lesson
straight from the Bible. Afterwards we were pretty much swamped by all the
people of the village wanting to shake our hands. I told Perry he was a
rock star now.

I’m not sure what the schedule is tomorrow, but I think I heard Kandie say
something about shopping for the seminar. Last year they had 433 attend.
A couple of the evangelists said there would be more this year. It takes a
lot of supplies to feed that many people for 2 days.

In Christian Love,

Steve, Kandie, Jack, Rusty & Perry.