Yendi Notes- 20th October 2016


20th October 2016

Yendi Notes

Today is our scheduled trip to take Rusty and Perry to Mole Game Reserve.
We were able to leave this morning as planned at 6am. Mr. Iddrisu traveled
to Tamale with us because he was going there today to attend a funeral of a
close family member. He was glad to save the money he would have used for
the bus fare.

We dropped off Iddrisu in Tamale and went on into town to have the new
tires balanced before driving on to the game reserve. It only took 15
minutes to balance the tires and we were off to Mole. We noticed the
Harmattan (the dust coming off the Sahara Desert) was beginning to fill the
sky this morning. When we arrived at the game reserve it was getting hot
and the sky had white dust in the air.

We ate lunch around noon at the restaurant here at the hotel. While we
were eating Brother Divine called saying he had more papers to take to
Tamale tomorrow. Our plan is to meet him in Tamale before we head to Yendi
tomorrow afternoon.

At 3:30 this afternoon we took a two hour safari ride atop a SUV fitted
with bench seats. Rusty has been to Mole but this was Perry’s first time
to Ghana. Perry really enjoyed seeing the warthogs, monkeys, birds,
antelopes, and baboons. The climax to the safari was getting down from the
SUV and walking into the bush to see an African Elephant eating in the
wild. I am still amazed every time I see one of these massive creatures
that God has made. I am sure Perry will have fun showing off his photos of
the animals to family and friends.

I will close for now. It is almost time to go eat our supper. Have a good

In His service,

Perry, Rusty, Jack, Kandie, & Stephen