Yendi Notes- 16th October 2016


16th October 2016

Yendi Notes

The Yendi notes today are coming courtesy of Rusty Johnson.

On Thursday morning Perry Martin and I left Huntsville to start our journey
to Ghana. Our plan is to be in Ghana for almost three weeks, and we will
be speaking at the upcoming seminar. For the most part our flights were on
time, except for the 10 hour leg from JFK to Accra. We boarded on time,
everyone got in their seats and nothing seemed to be happening. Eventually
the pilot made an announcement that they were finishing up with the luggage
and we should be on our way in about 20 minutes. After about 30 minutes he
made an announcement that some had checked their medication and they were
searching for it in the cargo hold. After an hour and a half we were on
our way to Ghana.

Once we landed in Accra at 9:30, we anxiously waited for our luggage.
Eventually all of our luggage was retrieved and we breezed through
customs. As we stepped outside we saw Steve’s smiling face waiting on
us. We exchanged some money we brought and then walked over to the
domestic terminal where we checked in for our flight to Tamale with no
problems. Our flight to Tamale was uneventful. As we walked across the
tarmac we saw Kandie and Jack waiting on us.

Let me pause for a minute and say something about Jack. I knew Jack from
the days he went to camp as a young man. I was so surprised to see how
tall he has grown. He is a fine young man spending 4 months in Ghana doing
mission work. That is very impressive.

We ate lunch and dinner in Tamale and did a little sightseeing before
turning in. Perry and I were both worn out. On Saturday we head up to
Bolgatanga and visited the crocodiles and an old slave camp. It was so sad
to hear the stories of how the warring tribes would sell their prisoners to
the slave traders.

This morning we got up bright and early to a wonderful breakfast
compliments of Kandie. She is an amazing cook and appears to be able to
whip up a meal in minutes from thin air. After breakfast we loaded up the
green truck and headed out to a village that is difficult to get to because
of the water being high. Steve’s four-wheel driving skills got us over the
rough spots with no trouble. I preached this morning on keeping our guard
up against the devil. After the service was over we answered several
questions and then visited the Chief’s house. We then headed back to the
mission house for a late lunch of Rice, Beef, Salad, Roles and honey. You
will not starve if Kandie is around. We then retired to our rooms for a
few hours to get out of the heat, nap, and work on our lessons.

This evening we all loaded up in the old van and headed for services in
Kulkpini. It’s a very short drive and once we got there the congregation
arrived. Perry presented the lesson this evening. After the services
Timothy informed us four young people (3 girls and 1 boy) wanted to be
baptized. We loaded the van and headed to the small river a mile or two
away. It was dark and we had to be careful not to get the van stuck.
Matthew waded way out and baptized the four young people. We kept our
flashlights moving around to make sure there were no red crocodile eyes
swimming around. After the young man was baptized he said he wanted a
Christian name. I suggested Gideon and he liked it. Not sure why that
name popped into my head.

It’s getting late so I will close for now. Thanks to each and every one
of you that support this work. It is amazing what God is accomplishing
through Steve and Kandie and this effort. Like churches all over the
world, the church here in Ghana faces difficulties. Please remember these
churches in your prayer, as well as us as we continue our work here.

In Christian Love

Steve, Kandie, Jack, Rusty & Perry