Yendi Notes- 15th October 2016


15th October 2016

Yendi Notes

We are back in Yendi! Hey! We arrived about 5:30 this evening. We have
had a full day! We left Tamale at 6:00 this morning and headed to
Bolgatanga. Our first stop was the crocodile pond at Paga. The guys got
the privilege of sitting on a live crocodile. After that we went to the
slave camp, then we back tracked to Bolgatanga and did my favorite thing;
SHOPPING! Everyone bought something except Steve. The back end of the van
was so full of baskets that Steve could not see out.

I felt sorry for the guys because we did not have any real meals today
until we got back to Yendi. We ate junk out of the food box; we did stop
along the road and buy tangerines and apples. I tried to get Jack to eat a
tangerine by telling him that he looked like he was getting scurvy but he
was having none of that.

While the guys unloaded the van I fixed hamburgers and baked beans so they
did get one hot meal today.

We are all tired and will sleep good tonight!

Thank you for the prayers.

In His Service,

Rusty, Perry, Jack, Steve and Kandie