Yendi Notes- 14th October 2016


14th October 2016

Yendi Notes

Rusty Johnson and Perry Martin made it into Accra this morning. They were
1 ½ hours late because before they left New York someone realized that they
had packed their medicine in their luggage that was put in the belly of the
plane instead of in their carry on. The baggage crew had to off load the
luggage and find the piece they needed. Even though they were late getting
into Accra they still had enough time to collect their luggage and make the
flight to Tamale. They arrived shortly after 1:00 this afternoon. It was
good to see them.

The first order of business this afternoon was to go to SWAD and get
something to eat. We were all hungry. Then we went to the market to see
what we could see in the Juju stalls. We also stopped by the cultural
center to do a little shopping. While we were there we heard serious
drumming. When we went to investigate we found a group of young people
doing traditional drumming and dancing. It was too hot today to be jumping
around like that outside!

I spent the morning working on the books, entering receipts and editing
class material.

Perry got a room that was not up to par. The compressor on his air
conditioner is not coming on and his shower is leaking so badly that it
cannot be used. He came over to our room and took a shower so at least he
feels human again. The hotel staff is trying to get his air conditioner
working. He is a trooper! He said that at least he had a ceiling fan over
his bed. If they can’t get the air conditioner to work he will have to
move to another room.

It is almost time to go to the hotel restaurant for a bit of supper.

Take care and send our regards to everyone.

In His Service,

Jack, Perry, Rusty, Steve and Kandie