Yendi Notes 13th October 2016


We left Yendi this morning a few minutes after 6:00. Steve had to be at
the airport by 8:30. We made it with no problems and time to spare. Jack
and I left him at the airport and went to a little restaurant to get a bit
of breakfast. They did not have a breakfast menu so ordered coffee, samosa
and spring rolls. After our very strange breakfast we went to the cultural
center and did a little shopping. Just as we were checking into the hotel
Steve called to let us know that he had arrived safely in Accra.

Later in the afternoon we hired a little 3 wheeled cart type taxi to take
us to the market. Today we were looking for the fangs of snakes. We
found some but they were still attached to the heads of the snakes and they
stunk so bad that they took our breath away. The guy had them in a 1/2
gallon container. He put some moth balls in with the snake heads to help
with the odor but really all in all they did not help much. Jack bought a
couple heads, we figure that we can remove the fangs ourselves. After we
handled the snakes I began to worry about any venom that might have been
left on the snakes when they were killed. Jack laughed when I told him my
fears. I still had us clean our hands with hand sanitizing wipes and as
soon as we got out of the market I bought a couple small bags of water and
we rinsed our hands again. We were both well enough to eat supper so I
guess we will live! Ha!

The waiters at the hotel have a hard time hearing our English. Last time
we were here Jack and I both told the lady that he wanted Oatmeal for
breakfast. She said, "Yes, scrambled eggs." We finally pointed to the
oatmeal on the menu. Well, tonight I ordered beef with onions and steamed
rice. I got lobster pieces in bell pepper, carrot, onion sauce with my
steamed rice. I though I had gotten someone else's order. I told the
waiter that I ordered beef. He went back to the kitchen and after much
talking he came back and said, the cook made a mistake and they wanted to
know if I would be ok with eating what they had prepared; if not they would
prepare something different. Of course I ate what they had already
cooked. It was good even though I picked out the bell peppers.

Take care and have a great day!
Rusty and Perry are flying right now. They will fly all night and arrive
in Accra in the morning at 8 something Ghana time. Keep them in your
In His Service,
Jack, Steve and Kandie