Yendi Notes- 12th October 2016


12th October 2016

Yendi Notes

Jack, Zorash, Meri and Amama spent the whole morning cooking corn and
soybeans. Stirring a cook pot over a camp fire for 4 hours is not my idea
of fun! Hence the reason I helped Steve and Mr. Iddrisu in the Child
Center. I love it when a plan comes together!

Jack and I thought we were going to burn the brush pile after the Child
Center closed. We were going to take the hot coals from the fire after
they had finished cooking the grain and use them to start the brush on fire
but when Zorash found out that we were going to burn up the brush pile she
asked if she could pick through it first and get all the sticks and twigs.
We told her that she had to do it today because the brush pile was going to
go. She said she would carry the sticks on the back of her motorcycle.
Jack felt sorry for her when he saw the quantity of small sticks she was
gathering and he offered to haul them in the motor king. By the time she
was finished gathering sticks he had a whole motor king full. It was her
lucky day!

This afternoon we went to town to buy eggs but we could not find any.
Maybe they will have some in a few days. We got to the market before we
realized that today was Yendi’s big market day. We stopped by the cold
store (sort of like the lockers of days gone by) and bought some frozen
chicken. While we were out we also took the trash to the dump; we do not
have individual garbage pick up at the mission house. Yendi does have a
garbage truck and it picks up things that look like dumpsters. There are
several dumpsters in various places around Yendi but most of them are full
and overflowing. We just take our own trash outside of town where the
garbage truck dumps the rubbish.

While we were in the market it started to rain. It is amazing how quickly
the vendors can put up their wares and how fast the market can be
evacuated! People were darting about all over the place. The streets were
deserted as we drove back to the mission house.

We appreciate all you do for us and for the work.

In His Service,

Jack, Steve and Kandie

*P.S.* Please remember to keep Perry Martin and Rusty Johnson in your
prayers for a safe arrival in Accra. They start their trip tomorrow morning
U.S. time and arrive Friday morning Ghana time.