What is Your Best Price?

     Most of us go to the big box stores these days and picking up what we need off the shelf and paying whatever price is printed below the item. More and more retail outfits are trying to do business this way and so we do our research about what we will pay for something ahead of time, usually online. But it hasn’t always been this way. For all the years I was in the furniture business we knew that we could not put our lowest price on the tag because we knew folks wanted to dicker. We always welcomed the customer who had done her research because they were the only ones who could recognize a good price when they saw it. Everybody else just kept asking for our best price.

     I was out shopping the other day for something when the thought occurred that I am certainly glad that we do not have to bargain with God for the salvation of our souls. Can you imagine trying to come up with an offer to the Lord for the redemption of your soul? It simply cannot be done. The human soul is not a commodity to be traded. The soul is the essence of a person’s existence, provided for each one of us at the moment of our conception. At that time it is pure and clean.

     Then our souls become tainted with the guilt of our own misdeeds (Romans 3:23). What do we do then? Some folks have the idea that we can overcome our sinfulness by being especially good, so that our goodness outweighs our badness. But even if a person could keep from sinning from some point in the present until the time of his death (which no one can do-1 John 1:5-10), what about their past sins? Sin puts us in a position that we cannot get out of by ourselves. We cannot undo what we have already done. There is no price to pay. Sin is defined as either going beyond or coming short of God’s Will (1 John 3:4, Romans 3:23). We cannot pay our way out of our sin situation. God does not take our currency.

     Peter told us that the ransom paid for our souls was the blood of Christ (1 Peter 1:18-19). The grace, love and mercy of God make salvation possible. But there are conditions and God has determined them. The problem today is that man wants to bargain with God, chiefly to leave out the concepts of obedience and faithfulness. It’s as if we hear God’s price (Romans 1:16) and then ask for a better one. We must remember that in our relationship with God, He sets the terms, not us. Thus when Jesus said “He who believes and is baptized will be saved” (Mark 16:16), that ends the discussion. That is His best price.