Guyana 2016


     For some time now (since 1999) we have been involved in the work for Christ in Guyana. We have sent teams down once or twice a year and this year is no exception. Fourteen of our folks will leave on Friday, July 15 to help the church there at Bartica with a Vacation Bible School and a Gospel Meeting. We always look forward to seeing the people of that good church, particularly Michael Osborne and his good wife Jennifer.

     Making the trip this year are Steve Carr, John Colgan, all of the Martin family (Perry, Gina, Laura and Jacob), two Peppers (Pam and Katie), three Sims (Suzanne, Andrew and Ashley), Brent Peek, and me. We will be joined by Sunil Joseph and his children Stephanie and Stephen. Of course we will be working with a number of the people from the local congregation too.

     The trip starts out from the Huntsville airport, going down to Atlanta and then on to Miami. I never really look forward to the Miami airport and especially not now with the long lines that accompany heightened security. But, there is no bus, so from Miami we head toward Georgetown. We have a bit of a stop in Trinidad where we usually sit on the plane for about two hours. The plan is to arrive in Georgetown at 9:35 PM. You all know what they say about plans.
We will spend Friday night in Georgetown and travel to the river port town of Parika on Saturday morning.

     There we board our boat for Bartica. In years gone by we have traveled in open boats and “enjoyed” the frequent rain in that region. Lately we have used covered boats and such will be the case this time. Mr. Balkarran (who along with his wife own and run the guest house we use in Bartica) will be providing our boat travel again this year.
On arrival we will get ourselves set up in the small guest house (we have reserved all the rooms) after which we will walk up to the church building to begin our preparations for the week’s work. There is a new pavilion there behind the building which will give us more room for VBS classes. I will have photographs of this new addition when we return.

This year we are going to try to divide up the kids into different age groups if possible. We never know with any precision what we will have until we get there. In recent years we have had around eighty or so kids spread across the age groups. It is quite a task for our ladies to teach so many different ones but they always do a wonderful job. The men teach the older kids. On Thursday we will do something different for them. We will have a separate boy’s and girl’s class in order to discuss Paul’s admonition to Timothy, “Keep yourself pure” (1 Timothy 5:22).

      In the evenings we will be conducting a gospel meeting. We met with Michael during the February trip and discussed the subjects. Given the culture there he thought important that we discuss the subjects of angels, demons, the heart, the mind, and the soul. Guyana is interesting in that there is a strong historical Christian element present but it is mixed in among Hindu, Muslim, sectarian and pagan religions. It certainly makes for some very interesting discussions. In the midst of it all we remember the Lord’s words from John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth, and the life; No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

      Our work concludes with the Thursday night session after which we begin preparations for the journey home. We go back out the way we came in, by boat down the mighty Essequibo River to Parika, then to Georgetown for a short night at the hotel. We usually leave the hotel about 1:30 AM for the trip home. We are scheduled to arrive in Huntsville at about 11:30 Saturday night. Please pray for our safety and for the success of the work.