"It's all Relative"

     One thing that we know for sure is that people who sound smart are not always. There was a blip in the news recently about another observation and a series of calculations having to do with the coming together of two black holes in space. My physics is a bit rusty but the comments I heard were along the lines of this event offering further proof of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

     Einstein himself was very big on the matter of proving hypotheses. He welcomed this sort of thing and the recent news is not the first incidence of experimental science bolstering his theory. The idea that space and time change relationships when in the presence of very high speed seems reasonable. Look up the words “red shift” if you are interested in such things.

     There are some forced applications of the words used to describe Einstein’s theory are contrary to good sense. Einstein’s work was about observation of reality as it is and does not on its own answer questions concerning the origin of all that is in physical reality, nor does it serve as a moral compass. This is a big subject and opens a whole store full of cans of worms.

     The thing that has me stirred up is a statement made on the radio by a smart sounding person. After reading the news about the black holes he said something along the lines of, “You see. Everything is relative. You can think one way and I can think another way and we can both be right. It’s just relative.” This is what you get when you wash a nice big pig.

     Einstein’s theory is about “relativity” in the physical universe, not “relativism” with regard to moral, social, ethical and cultural issues. Relativism is an idea set that holds that there is no objective truth and that each human being decides within himself what is right or wrong. This is the popular view of society today at least until those in charge of society feel their particular points of view challenged. I did not come up with this distinction. I first read it from Paul Johnson in the beginning of his book Modern Times, a book that deserves to be read by any student of man’s behavior.

     My point here is that smart people get it wrong because they want to get it wrong. Our culture calls evil good and good evil (Isaiah 50) as a matter of course. Relativism is a handy but false justification for people doing whatever they want to do, from lying to killing the unborn. The problem with relativism is that God will have the last say in these matters (Hebrews 10:31). He really will.