A Trip To Guyana

     On Tuesday, February 2 Randy Blacklidge, Mitch Fuller and I are boarding a plane to go back to the South American country of Guyana. As many if you who read these articles regularly the West Hobbs Street congregation has had a presence in that country since 1999. That year we made our first group mission trip to the New Amsterdam area. We help and support the congregation at Canje that resulted from those efforts. That congregation meets regularly in a good building on the main road in the area. Tony Kissoon is the preacher at Canje.

     A bit later we journeyed up the Essequibo River to the town of Bartica and helped reestablish the church there. Our congregation here built a fine meeting place for the congregation at Bartica and the church there is doing very well. Michael Osborne is the preacher at Bartica. Jennifer Osborne, Michael’s wife, is active in the Bible School and other aspects of the work. Michael is well respected in Bartica as a steadfast man of faith. He is called upon frequently in the community as a spiritual resource. Everybody in Bartica knows Michael and Jennifer.

     Our purpose in making this trip is to make plans for our work there in the future, both in the short and long terms. Lord willing, we will return to Bartica this summer for a week of work including VBS. There are also some issues concerning the church at Canje that require the attention of the eldership here. In addition to this sort of thing we hope to be able to encourage the brothers and sisters in both places to be solid, faithful Christians.

     We will meet with the church at Bartica on Wednesday night and with the church at Canje on Friday night. We are looking forward to spending as much time as possible with the brothers and sisters there. This is more important to them than we might think. Michael has told me on more than one occasion that our presence, even for a little while, gives the folks there a “shot in the arm.”

     There is a bittersweet element to this trip. This will be our first time to be there since we lost our wonderful sister Samatha Joseph to cancer. Our loss is bearable because we know of her great faith in God. We look forward to seeing Sunil, Stephanie and Stephen and ask that you continue to pray for them. Please pray for us also as we travel.