A Trip To Ghana

     Our congregation has had a long and fruitful association with the work in the Northern Region of Ghana. That association goes back to the efforts of Royce and Cindy Reynolds. It continues with Steve and Kandie Taylor. Kandie is the daughter of Royce and Cindy, and a great worker for the Lord. Steve and Kandie are the parents of our Jordan Taylor and Charity Holladay.

Steve Taylor is a Registered Nurse having pursued that career so that he would be able to work with and oversee the Child Development Center there. Because of that Child Development Center the Taylors are able to be in Ghana and Steve is able to preach and teach and work with Ghanaian preachers who present the saving gospel of Christ. The best, most practical way to be in Ghana on any sort of long term basis is to be associated with a function like the Child Development Center. The benevolent work done at the center allows us to organize and take part in preaching work throughout the region. Steve and the Ghanaian evangelists are out preaching and teaching all the time.

Since 1997 there have been over eight thousand baptisms and many congregations established in that region through of the efforts of the Taylors, the brethren there and all of the Christians here who have supported them. This a work in which the people involved go by The Book. Those of you who read their daily and monthly reports have some idea of the extent of their efforts. Needless (I hope) to say, just living everyday life requires a great deal more effort there than it does here. They do a great job!

     I leave for Ghana Tuesday November 17 to speak in a seminar for preachers and church workers. If I remember correctly the last time I was in Ghana was 2001. Royce and Cindy Reynolds were there at that time and I must say it was quite an adventure. As I mentioned, everyday life requires a great deal of effort in the Northern Region of Ghana. Over the years the Reynolds, and now the Taylors, worked diligently to have a good base from which to work. For that we are thankful to the Lord, but the fact remains that day to day activities are a bit different that they are here. We are so very thankful for the work being done by Steve and Kandie Taylor.

As I said, I am to speak in a seminar while there. This seminar is a very big deal for the churches there and not because I am coming to speak. The people in Ghana take the concept of hospitality very seriously. They are giving people, always ready to share what they have whether much or little. They also take the principle of hospitality very seriously, with an exemplary attitude (see Romans 12:13 for Biblical insight into the matter of hospitality). Consequently when a number of people are invited for something like this seminar much preparation has to be made to feed these folks and otherwise take care of them. I have not experienced it yet, but based on what I’ve been told it sounds like preaching gatherings in the old days when folks came and stayed a while. I’m looking forward to the experience.

I have been assigned two topics, one of which is The Holy Spirit. As is the case here there are many folks there who need to hear what the Bible says on this important topic. Much of the confusion in the Christian (I use the word here as an adjective) portion of the religious world is centered in misunderstanding about the Holy Spirit. He is rarely seen in the Biblical light. He is seen as everything from a ghost to an inner feeling. The primary difficulty associated with understanding what the Bible says about Him is a lack of humility. People want to claim the Holy Spirit in a non-Biblical sense, saying, for example, that the Holy Spirit provides them miraculous powers today. Acts 8 describes how the miraculous powers of the Holy Spirit were transmitted. It was by the laying on of the Apostles hands. We have not Apostles today, thus we have no miraculous abilities. To claim to have these powers flies in the face of the Bible and common reason.

     Please pray for this trip, pray for me, and pray especially for Steve and Kandie as they work diligently for the cause of Christ in Ghana.