Mama Cindy

"Mama Cindy" was the name many of us used to describe sister Cinderella Bullington Reynolds, who went home last week. She and brother Royce Reynolds served the cause of Christ as missionaries to Africa (and other places) for many years. The work they began in Yendi in the northern region of Ghana in West Africa continues with many baptisms and new congregations established.
Brother and sister Reynolds wanted to find a good way to be involved in evangelism in Ghana. The method they settled upon was healthcare, first in clinic work and then in caring for little babies. Royce and Cindy both had the requisite expertise to help the people of Ghana, and used it well, all the while preaching and teaching others the gospel of Christ. They worked carefully with men of that country, helping them to develop into solid preachers. I know some of these men and they are fine servants of the Lord.
Mama Cindy was a powerful Christian woman. She loved the truth and, like Royce, found any departure from it distasteful. She loved people and I am glad to say that she said she loved me. She spoke her mind, that's for sure. She could cook like a magician. I sat at her table in Yendi to some fine meals (though I learned it might be better to not ask too many questions about the sources of the meal). She drove those roads as well as any grown man could do. She could charm airport employees to let her take many times the baggage limit to her babies in Africa. They would load it up for Mama Cindy.
We got her to go with us down to Canje in Guyana a few years back. It was amazing to see her take to those folks and their culture. It was also amazing to see how they took to her, immediately. Folks everywhere just knew that Mama Cindy was special. She has been just one time yet whenever I go back down to Guyana, folks ask me about Mama Cindy.
It is an obvious understatement to say that sister Reynolds missed brother Reynolds. They were a great team and it seemed to me that she was a bit undone without him. This is the way it is when couples work their lives together so very tightly. But she went on with her work as best she could. She would not quit. I would ask her about her health and suggest that maybe she ought to stay home. She would fire up her eyes at me and say "Well, what do want me to do quit? I'm not going to quit!" Well, she did not quit. Cancer got her, or else she'd still be going strong. And she has gone to the Christian's great home Heaven's gain, but most surely our loss.