Defeating Ignorance

Human beings come to know things through their senses. The things we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch leave impressions in our minds which we process into knowledge. The information that we gain through reading (whether it is printed material or from a screen) comes into our minds through our senses. There is then a sense in which we are all sponges, soaking up the raw materials of knowledge all our waking hours.

Turning From God

If you have been paying attention to the news lately you have noticed that the culture war is expressing itself mightily in the United States Senate. The liberals there want to block some of President Bush's appointments to the Federal bench. They deem some of his nominees too conservative. The primary problem seems to be that these nominees are openly religious. The left in this country is afraid that something will happen to their beloved right to abort unborn children should a judge with principles informed by Judeo-Christian heritage ascend to the Supreme Court. It looks like the President is about determined to see that just that happens and I hope he is successful.