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Do Not Lose Heart

The Market and the Cross

A free-market economy is good for people. The extent to which a nation's markets are free so that people can exchange money, goods and services without restriction determines the prosperity of that nation. The proof of this contention is the empirical reality of the prosperity of free-market nations as opposed to the deprivation experienced in controlled economies. Since there is no such thing as a totally free market or a totally controlled one there are gradations on the scale of poverty to prosperity.

A new Man For The New Year

As I write the New Year is in the midst of its fourth day. The perennial diet has begun. As a conservative I am obliged to uphold constancy, so, as usual, I have already cheated on the perennial diet. I'll be in a battle with weight the rest of my days and I don't suppose that I'm alone.

The End and The Beginning

There are fundamental truths that people know but do not think about enough. We all know about gravity but we don't think about it much until we fall down. The thing I have in mind is this: The end of one thing is always the beginning of something else. The year 2005 is drawing to a close, but 2006 will follow, missing nary a beat.

A Good Young Man

Josiah was made king over Judah when he was only eight years old. He reigned for thirty-one years (2 Chronicles 34:1). In all that time he " did that which was right in the sight of the Lord and walked in the ways of David his father, and declined to the right hand, nor to the left" (34:2). Josiah was a good young man.

Double-Edged Christmas

There is no doubt that the holiday season can be a good time of the year. We get together with family and friends. Our kitchens produce special treats that we spend January and February attempting to remove. There are holiday trips, and gifts to give and many other things that make the holidays enjoyable. Yet there is a downside to the holidays and it is double-edged.

The Attitude of Thankfulness

I really like Thanksgiving. It is a wonderful time of the year. Yes, and the special meal is not a bad thing either! As a matter of fact, the one question we asked the doctor before Ginger's recent surgery was "Will she be able to cook by Thanksgiving?" We are proud to say that he replied in the affirmative.

Read and Stand Fast

A fascinating aspect of Paul's letter to the Galatians is that it is a powerfully simple explanation of the scheme of redemption. I have at least five commentaries on the book of Galatians in my library that exceed four hundred pages in length. Yet in the copy of the New Testament at my left hand as I write this, the letter is a little over six pages long. I do not disdain the scholarship and diligence of those who write lengthy analyses of Biblical books; indeed I admire such efforts. But at the day's end it must be said at times that the letter itself sheds light on the commentary.

Tammy Hill

It has been a tough and busy time here at Hobbs Street of late. The loss of sister Tammy Hill has been and still is on our minds. Tammy was a great friend and a very caring person who left us much too early at only thirty-nine. She did her best to do good things for her family and friends. She was great fun to be around. She was irreplaceable.