For some time now we have been intending to paint the kitchen at our house. We’ve known we needed to do it but have not found the time to do it. Just too busy. Until Monday morning when Ginger (my lovely wife) announced, “Today is the day I’m going to paint the kitchen.” This sounded good to me as I thought I might take my walk and then go in to the office and do a little writing. Of course, I am way too smart (and interested in self-preservation) to pull a stunt like that. So I told her that I would help her paint the kitchen.

Lessons From Luke: A Sinner Forgiven

     Luke 7:36-50 contains a beautiful and powerful account of love and forgiveness. Sometimes some of us get the idea that we have been too bad to be forgiven. When we think like that we need to remember what happened at this Pharisee’s house.

Challenges to Faith


Lessons From Luke: John and Jesus

     The remarkable things done by Jesus were tremendously influential and to say the least, newsworthy. These events came to the attention of John the Baptist (Luke 7:18-35). We know that John and Jesus had to have known of each other prior to the beginning of Jesus’ earthly work as they were related. Now, however, John is seeking clarification, perhaps for himself but certainly for those who would witness this exchange.

Things That Really Scare Me


     A. This is supposed to be the scary time of the year. Folks dress up like all sort of scary creatures, super heroes and princesses. We don’t believe in the Medieval Halloween at all, but we are not above having a little Fall Fun.

     B. None of these things scare me because they are not real, and we all know it. There are no Zombies or Frankenstein’s monsters. When I was a kid skeletons scared me, particularly ones I saw walking about on TV. But now I know bones don’t walk except for Ezekiel 37.

Lessons From Luke: Raising the Dead

     Once a person is dead, that’s it for this life. In the medical world “clinical death” is spoken of and people are said to have come back from that state of being. But the word “death” may be misused in that case. Death is material terms is the cessation of life. If a person “comes back” then that individual was not truly dead in the first place. To bring a person back from the dead in this absolute sense would be and is an act requiring supernatural power.

Parental Courage

     One of the things the greater culture seems to have forgotten is that parents are responsible for their children. Too often the situation seems to be that parents feel they are responsible to their children. To use a couple of clichés, we have put the cart in front of the horse and have allowed the tail to wag the dog.

Great Faith, Real Faith (Luke 7)

     You remember when the Lord healed the Centurion’s servant. We read about it in Luke 7:1-10. This happened in Capernaum northwest of the Sea of Galilee. The centurion was well known to the Jewish elders as a good man. He had even built them a synagogue. He was also a well informed man because he knew of the general Jewish aversion to entering the home of a Gentile. He was humble too, as he said he was “not worthy” of the Lord’s presence.

The World Needs The Lord

     Christians know that this world is not our home. As the old song says, we are just passing through. We also know that we are in the world but not of the world (John 17:14-21). One particular element of our lives here is the duty we have to reach out to people with the saving gospel of Christ (Romans 1:16).

Strange Things To Our Ears

     After the events in Thessalonica and Berea recorded in Acts 17 Paul was left alone for a time in the philosophical center of the Greco-Romans world, Athens in Greece. The idolatry he saw disturbed him and led him to engage Jew and Gentile alike in a discussion of mankind’s spiritual condition. He even entered the marketplace where he encountered Epicurean and Stoic philosophers.